About Us

Since 1972…Started by Dentists for Dentists.

Quadent Studio, Inc. started with four Dentists back in 1972.  Dr. William Lawton; “As one of the founders of the company, we got it all started 40 years ago, years later Jody and Jim Miller purchased the company and we prefer working with them to this day.  Reason why is that they take extra care with our customer’s cases and together we instituted in the early 80’s the “Medallion Care” system with Quadent that is no time limit, no questions asked…so long as they deliver their very best work.  Needless to say, we’re very happy with them.”

We are constantly striving for excellence in the development process, what’s most important to us is the end-user, the patient.  It starts with the patient and ends with the patient.  If the patient is happy, then the Dentist is happy.  “We’re the kind of people that sleeps better at night knowing the quality that went out was the best we can do”; say Owner Jody (Benson) Miller.

“As an original Founder, if you’re looking for excellent quality, great service and the utmost in customer satisfaction you needn’t look any further than to the friendly staff at Quadent.  I’ve been working with them for over 40 years”

– Dr. Lawton

“Quality Control…Setting the Standard…Raising the Bar”