Why Consider Us

Peace of Mind Knowing Your Case Will Be Just Right!

Quadent Studio has built their reputation on Industry Experience, Service, Quality and Integrity.  We strive to make our patients look great.  With multiple levels of quality control instituted within the framework of Quadent it shows in the final product.

We will go the extra mile to earn and retain your business.  Whether it’s re-checking contacts and margins under the microscope or correcting a “shading” issue, Quadent Studio has you covered.  Before delivering to the Dentist, we work under the microscope, to fit the crowns to the die under magnification.  (We utilize 10X Power Microscopes outfitted for each of our Technicians).

Any Dentist will acknowledge that there are shade issues, usually we make shade and contact adjustments while the patient is waiting.

Dentists normally look to us for advice in certain situations, in the end it is the Dentist’s choice what they recommend to their patients.

“Their turnaround time and quality is excellent and they bend over backwards to ensure our total satisfaction”

– Dr. Herbert

“The Art of Going the Extra Mile is Practiced Daily at Quadent”